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Jewels of a Gypsy - Poodles of Elegance


And the Boys Are .....



Truffles (brown/white parti) my previous little man is Mikey's Uncle.  Although I never had the chance to have a litter sired by Truffles, I am glad to have Mikey in my life and look forward to the little ones he will sire.  Knowing they are related makes Mikey very special to me.  I owe a big "THANK YOU" to Janey Hodges for allowing me to have such a wonderful little man

***Sorry to say Bam Bam has been placed in a pet home due to my having to move. 



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Jewels Mikey Doesn't Like It Hodges

Mikey is a black and cream phantom that just loves to cuddle.  He is the most gentle and loving litttle man I have ever met.    He is a teacup/tiny toy and has various colors in his background including parti and red.   I'm looking forward to seeing the variety of offspring he will bring us in the future.

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Meet Jewels' Red Hot Bambino
AKA Bam Bam - born March 10, 2011 and comes
from a red background.
I am very excited about having all red litters with Bam Bam and Ru Ru late 2012!
Bam Bam is just over 5lbs with a slender build and has a champion background.  He is a little bit on the shy side but loves to cuddle and give kisses.