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Jewels of a Gypsy - Poodles of Elegance

 ♥♥♥AUGUST 2013 - Hannah and Mikey are the proud parents of two males born August 6, 2013.  ♥♥♥






January 2, 2013 Hannah gave birth to a Black/Tan Phantom Female with white markings and an Apricot Male with white markings.  Mommy and babies are doing great! 
♥♥♥♥All Ru and Ruffles babies of September 2012 have been placed.  Thanks to all who have chosen one of the babies to call their own!♥♥♥♥ (This is Ru and Ruffles last litters due to difficult deliveries and Ruffles needing a C-section.  I could not put her through it again)

April 2012 Ru and Mikey's babies have all been placed.  Thanks to all who have chosen one of my babies as their own! 
Ruffles and Mike will hopefully have a litter this summer as well as Ru and Bam Bam. 

June 2011 - Beemer is now retired but has given me and many of you a wonderful little one to love. It has been a real joy to have raised Beemer's babies with her. I look forward to Ru Ru and Ruffles becoming mothers some time in 2012

March 2010  -  Although I am not actually back in business, I am now located in Virginia and hope to have a litter late summer or early fall.   It has been awhile and I have really missed raising babies.   Mom will be Beemer, whom many of you may remember, and new to the family is Mikey who will be dad.  Both are on my dam and sire pages.   I look forward to the upcoming litter and hope you do too.  Good to be back in any fashion!!!! :)
March 2008***I regretfully want to inform everyone that I am no longer breeding poodles due to divorce.  I am forever grateful for all the friends I have made over the years in both the poodle breeder world and public.  This has been a very tramatic time for me as raising poodles will always be a great love and passion of mine.   I do hope to get back into it in the future.  
For now I have placed all my crew, except for Beemer, into new loving homes some of which are breeders.  I want to remain in contact with everyone and will be happy to continue to answer any questions you may have.  I am also available to help those looking for a new baby by providing reputable breeder information.   Sharing my poodle knowledge with those in need is something I am more willing to do.  Please contact me at
thanks again to all! 
Marlene Flowers

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dogs and make great additions to any family.  All sizes of Poodles will not fit in every home.  You have three wonderful common sizes to choose from.  The Standard Poodle being the largest at over 15 inches tall.   The Minature Poodle is medium sized and is over 10 inches but under 15 inches tall.   Then there is the Toy Poodle,  the tiniest of the breed standing under 10 inches tall.  Although all are good with small children, the toy is not recommended due to its fraility.  
One of the most common reasons  people consider the poodle is their non shedding coat.  This makes them a good choice for allergy and asthma sufferers.   As an animal lover and mother of two asthmatic children, I know what a challenge this can be.  I couldn't imagine life without a pet.
Poodles do require lots of care.  Especially in the grooming department!  So be prepared and take advantage of grooming time as bonding time.  Daily brushing will become a special time for you and your pet that you both will love.   

Male or Female?
The choice is ultimately yours but please do not exclude a male.  Over the years they have gotten a bad reputation for "marking" and not being a good indoor dog........NOT SO!!!!!!!!!   In all honesty males make better companions than females.   Don't get me wrong, females are loving too but have a certain built in independence that goes along with their motherly instinct.  Males are more loving and demanding of your attention  than females.  There is no reason why a male not being used for stud or exposed to a female in heat can't be totally housebroken.   So when you are looking at all those cute little puppies, do consider a male as well as a female.

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