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Jewels of a Gypsy - Poodles of Elegance

General Information

About Me:
Hello and welcome to my site!  My name is Marlene Flowers and I thought I would take a few to tell you a little about me and my breeding practices.
My first puppy was a black toy poodle named Daisy.  I was a young teen when my mom gave her to me as a present.   I just adored Daisy and still miss her till this day.   She was tragically ran over by a car as I helplessly watched from a far.  I held her in my arms as she passed from this life into God's hands...a day and time in my life I will never forget. 
It took me a good 20 years to want another poodle as I just did not think I could feel for another the way I did for her.  Now I can not imagine not having a poodle in my life at all times. 
The decision to raise babies was not taken lightly and I take great pride in raising the happiest, healthiest babies possible.  My reason for doing so is so that others can experience the joy of owning one of these precious creatures and all the happiness they bring to our lives.  Poodles are incredibly smart and so loving.  They are sure to put a smile on your face each and every day.  I truly could not imagine not having a poodle to call my own ever again. 

Here you will find some basic information.
SHIPPING:   is available at buyers expense.   I use Continental whenever possible.  Shipping fees include:   Flight, crate and health certificate required for shipping.  On average shipping is $275 - $300.
Sorry but I DO NOT ship overseas. 
SIZE:  Size of your baby at maturity cannot be guaranteed.  It is based on mom, dad and size of previous babies.   No one can truly predict size.  
PROSPECTIVE BUYERS:   I reserve the right to place my babies in homes of my approval.  This is based on the good of the baby and not a personal decision.   I will not place any baby in a home with small children.    Toy poodles are very fragile and not play things for small children.
PRICE:  Babies on average start at $1000.   Size and color do play a factor in the cost of your baby. 
PAYMENT and DEPOSITS:   A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to hold any baby.   Deposits may be made by check as long as it has time to clear prior to pick-up date.   Final payments may also be made by check as long as they are received at least one week prior to pick-up.   Cash only when paying final payment at time of pick-up.
GUARANTEE:   All babies come with a one year genetic health guarantee.  Common parasites such as worms, coccidia and giardia are not genetic health problems.   All my babies are vet checked for all common parasites before leaving me as well as having had 2 puppy shots, bordetella and a complete health exam.  You will be supplied with a copy the health exam results.   No baby leaves prior to 10 weeks of age.   Based on size and weight, some will stay with me till they are as much as 16 weeks old.